This is a frequently updated rogue-lite shooter.
Move using arrow keys, WASD.
The characters continuously fire toward the nearest enemy, collect the orbs to upgrade.
At each level a new companion joins the party! Just follow the "arrows" to get the gem to summon the friend.

NEW : Hit space to switch to the other companions.
NEW : Collect rings to soon buy upgrades.
NEW : Zombie level.
NEW : Japan level with yokai, ninjas and shuriken!

Feel free to share your thoughts and give any suggestions that cross your mind.

Graphics by 0x72 and me, additional graphics by Superdark. Music by nojisuma

Fight with your companions, and find new ones along the way!

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Discovered your game by chance, I do love it and it is very inspiring for personal projects. Looking forward for more !

Thank you for the comment!

When I Played The Game It Was Painfully Slow

Low framerate or "slow" gameplay ?

slow framerate